~85~ Noticeably Pregnant at 18 weeks

Something happened over the weekend and I think I've officially "popped".  There's no hiding this bump any more!  I'm starting to get more comments here and there, which I'm still working on getting used to.   Here's what's going on this week:

How far along: 18 weeks

Baby H's size: An sweet potato (5.6 inches, 6.7oz)

Symptoms: Round ligament pain.  And it hurts!  Feels like the cramping I would get after running. 

Weight Gain: I have finally gained some weight.  I am up 2 lbs and back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Best Moment: Getting some good shopping deals and making plans for Thanksgiving 

Worst Moment: Scratching the cornea in my left eye.  It was the worst pain I've ever experienced and of course I wasn't allowed to take any pain meds.  I decided that if I could handle that, I can handle giving birth. We also had to take Buckles to the vet. 

Movement: I'm feeling some movement everyday, but I'm still waiting for stronger movement and for Jake to be able to feel it. 

Maternity Clothes: I just bought some maternity dress pants because I am not fitting into my regular pants comfortably any more.  Bring on the full panel!  

Appointments: 2 more weeks! 

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