~63~ Vote for Buckles!

I entered Buckles in a cutest pet contest and voting began this week.  Please, if you have a minute or 2 to spare, we'd appreciate your vote.  All you have to do is register your email address and vote away everyday!

Thanks in advance!


~62~ Summer Update

I'm in my last week of summer break, and I want to know, where did summer go?!?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my break and find it hard to believe that it's only 6 more days until I'm back at work.  So, one might wonder what I've been up for the past 2 months.

Camp Invention
From June 24-28, I directed a new camp for the first time.  I was hired for the job in March and frantically spent the subsequent months getting things ready and spreading the word about camp.  It went magnificently and I am already excited for next year!

During the weeklong camp, kids honed their inventing skills creating a duck launcher from recycled materials, used problem solving skills to develop ways of surviving on far away Planet Zak, created an updated and eco-friendly community, and worked in teams to play games from around the world.

2nd Anniversary/New Family Member
It's hard to believe that Jake and I have already celebrated our 2nd anniversary.  Time certainly does fly!  While it was not as extravagant as last year, we had a great time.  We had dinner and drinks at Bravo! Cucina before going to World War Z, which we both enjoyed.  And what better way to finish the night than with some delicious cheesecake.

As for our newest family member, the weekend prior to our anniversary, I found a little cutie while getting supplies for camp at Petco.  Jake and I had talked about getting a brother for Buckles a while back, but decided to table it for the time being.  However, this just seemed like the perfect fit for us.  He is a beagle/basset mix that had a similar temperament to Buckles and was already house-trained (well kind of), "fixed", and up-to-date on shots.  We had a brief meeting prior to taking him in that went well and we knew it was fate.  We named him Viktor and love him so much! Buckles doesn't seem to mind him either ;)

4th of July
Now that we have a house, Jake and I love having people over.  On the 4th, we had a bunch of friends over for grilling, drinks, and a "bags" tournament.   All I have to say is thank goodness for Pinterest!  I made some red/white/blue center pieces and my biggest brag piece-flag cake.  When you cut into it, each piece looks like a US flag.  It was really good too!

We added in a flower bed surrounding our deck and a hosta garden underneath our walnut tree next to the shed that my parents helped to start when they came to visit at the end of July.  I would say that I have more of a yellow thumb than a green one, but I'm having fun seeing my garden grow!

Baby Showers
We learned this past spring that many of our friends are expecting little ones due this fall.  In addition to wedding celebrations, there were quite a few baby celebrations.  The first of which was at the beginning of August.  I made my very first diaper cake (who knew they were so easy??) after seeing some inspiration on (where else), Pinterest.  The dad-to-be is a big 49ers fan, so I themed it for that. 

Wedding Projects
Not for me, but for my dear cousin, Liz.  I was beyond flattered that she trusted me to make her wedding invitations.  She found a sample inspiration and we went from there.  The desired elements were purple and black with a damask print and royal purple ribbon tying it all together.  It was a labor of love (emphasis on labor), but they turned out better than I could have imagined.  I was even a little jealous that these weren't my own invitations.

I also bedazzled some purple flip flops with Swarovski crystals.  I initially had planned to do it with a hot glue gun.  Yeah, didn't work. At. All.  So, the plan B was to use super glue.  I went with a bottle of maximum bond Krazy Glue and it worked like a charm.

Finally, Liz also asked me to play the violin during the ceremony.  After some research, Liz and her fiancĂ©, Jeremy decided on the Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso (seriously, if you haven't seen this movie-put in your list, it's a beautiful movie).  It took some trial and error, but after purchasing 2 different pieces of sheet music and some musical editing, we have a gorgeous piece ready to go.

This summer definitely flew by quickly, but I have no complaints.  And now the countdown until next summer begins...

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