~46~ Christmas Crafts

This weekend, I spent most of the time working on Christmas crafts.  The first two projects were inspirations taken from Pinterest.  I've had them on my list of "to dos" but haven't had the time to work on them until now.

I've had my wedding bouquet drying on my music stand since I brought it home almost a year and a half ago.  It was a beautiful arrangement and I'm so sad that it preserve in the way that I'd hoped.  Someday, I plan to recreate it in silks so that I can display it in a vase in my home.  In the meantime, I haven't had the heart to just throw my bouquet away.  

This project seemed like the perfect way to preserve those special petals.  I had a couple clear ornament balls left over from years past, so I filled that with a combination of the blue and white petals.  Then I used blue acrylic paint to paint on the same monogram used on our wedding day.  I finished it off with a silver ribbon and tada!  A beautiful new ornament for our tree that will forever be a keepsake from that amazing day. 

The second project was a sign similar to the baby stats wall hanging that I posted about a while back. I was inspired by a "ho, ho, ho" sign I had pinned on Pinterest.  All of them were painted using acrylic paint.  The circles, stars, and letters were stenciled on with cutouts using my Cricut machine.  The circle is from George and Basic Shapes, the star is from Winter Frolic, and the letters are from All Mixed Up. The background colors were painted first, then the shapes, and finally the letters.  I hung the 3 signs using grosgrain ribbon I got on Black Friday at JoAnns. 

The final project was a decorative sled.  I picked up a blank one at Michaels a few weeks ago while looking for a wooden tray to paint for a Christmas present.  The words were cut and stenciled on using the All Mixed Up cartridge.  The snowmen are from the Winter Frolic.  I feel that the base of the sled is missing something.  I think that I will add some snow under the snowmen and some snow flakes above them.  What do you think?

What Christmas crafts are you currently working on or inspired by?

I'm off to go bake some sugar cookies, until next time-

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