~60~ Canvas Love

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope all of you are enjoying this long weekend and taking a minute or two out of your day to remember those who have and are currently serving our country and have made the ultimate sacrifice.  Today, I am remembering my Grandpa Roger who served in World War II as a medic, based in Labrador. During his service, he saved countless lives with his quick thinking and strong leadership skills.   He is my hero and was an extraordinary man by the way that he dedicated his life to his family, his faith, and his country.  

In addition to remembering Grandpa Roger, Jake and I spent our weekend decorating our house.  Now that we've finally got the big stuff completed, we were able to add some personal touches, making it feel even more like a home.  My projects for this weekend involved canvases.  Using some Pinspiration, I took some old T-Shirts that had some meaning to Jake and I, but have been sitting in boxes, and stapled them to 12"x12" canvases and hung them in our downstairs hallway leading to the guest bathroom and bedroom.  I am in love! They turned out even better than I had anticipated and really added a personal touch to the house that added some visual variety from pictures. 

Here's what I put on each canvas: 
1. Jake's championship tee-shirt from his inter mural flag football team
2. Jake earned this back during his online poker days when he took out a professional poker player
3.  My brother and sister-in-law brought this shirt back for me after their first trip to the Caribbean
4. The shirt we wore when we volunteered to work at Des Moine's annual Bacon Fest event
5. A shirt from my first Laker Invitational Swim Meet when I was swam competitively in High School
6. Jake's high school Football Championship T-shirt from his senior year in high school
7. The shirt we wore during the Diamond Dash we participated in, leading us to find my engagement ring. 

In addition to the T-Shirt canvases, I also made a necklace hanger to put in our bedroom.  Since we've moved, my necklaces have been stored in a zip lock case, getting tangled up, and not getting used.  I found some beautiful fabric from JoAnns that matched our bedroom color scheme of blues and grays.  I stapled that around a 7"x10" piece of wood that we had left over from our bathroom vanity remodel and attached cup hooks to the bottom and a bracket to the back so that I could mount it to the wall.  I then added my necklaces, and voila!  

What DIY projects have you used canvases for?

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