~61~ Year 2

Today is Jake and I's second anniversary.  It's amazing how much can change in just a year or two.  I think back to where we were when we got married and this time last year, compared to where we are today and it totally blows my mind. 

Since last year, we have:
*Bought a house AND made it our own


*Adopted an adorable new dog, that we named Viktor (Skol Vikings!)

While it's only 2 things, in my opinion, those are 2 pretty big things! It makes me wonder where we'll be this time next year.  

To celebrate, we're going to dinner at a restaurant neither of us have been to, but that Jake's parents gave a rave review this past weekend.  Afterwards we're going to see World War Z, then home for some dessert and champagne!  Sounds like a perfect celebratory date with my sweetheart!

How do you celebrate your anniversary?

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