~109~ 5 months

Last Thursday, Ethan turned 5 months old! It was about this time last year that I found out I was pregnant, and now my baby is almost 1/2 a year old!  Crazy how much can happen in a year! I’ll definitely be soaking in the next week since I go back to work on the 18th (insert sad face). I am very grateful though and so lucky that I got as much time at home with him as I did. Had I not had Ethan at the end of the school year, I would have only gotten 8 weeks at home with him. I know that many, many other moms only get between 6-12 weeks, which is simply put, not nearly enough time. 

My little man has continued to grow and change every day.  I love seeing him discover and learn new things.

Weight: Even though we didn’t have an appointment, I took Ethan in to the doctor’s to do a weight check. He was exactly 13lbs.  I’ve read that the average weight gain at this age is 4-5oz/week.  At his 4 month appointment, he weighed 12lbs2oz, so a 14oz gain is pretty on-par. 

Activities: We all went to MN again over the weekend of July 17 just to visit family.  As always, Ethan enjoyed seeing everyone, and Jake and I were able to spend some time with friends.
We really enjoy the fact that we can take Ethan pretty much anywhere without any issues. He’s even been to my classroom a couple of times so I could do some work. He has no idea now, but this will be the first of many summers that he’ll be helping out mom at school ;)

Favorite things: Sucking his thumb. He cannot get enough of his thumb and it’s driving me crazy! We try to pull his thumb and fingers out of his mouth when we can, but it just can’t be avoided 100% of the time. I’m hoping this doesn’t last too long, but oh well.

His blue “crinkly blanket” that we got from my sister-in-law’s mom.  He just loves it and we take it everywhere with us.

We are also starting to like tummy time more, and have even gotten a few smiles and giggles when we do it.

Not So favorite things: 
Naps. For whatever reason, this kid does not like to take naps. I’m hoping that when he starts having to wake up earlier and gets into more of a routine that he starts to nap a bit better. Typically he’ll get 20-30minutes here or there, but never takes a long nap throughout the day. So of course he becomes an overly tired and cranky baby at night.

Milestones : Ethan has successfully rolled from stomach to back a few times, but not consistently yet.  He does very well with purposely grabbing things.  He also loves “talking” to us. I swear he says mama and mom all the time; whether or not he means to is another story... When he gets really excited, he’ll let out a very loud high-pitched scream that gets Jake and I laughing.  Ethan also likes to join in with the laughing and will get into giggling fits over the weirdest things. He particularly likes it when mom dances (which let’s face it, IS pretty funny), repeats funny sounding words, or teases him. We couldn’t think of a better sound.

Next month, I’ll have been back at work for a little bit, Ethan will have started daycare, and he’ll have had his 6 month appointment!

Until then, 

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