~115~ Last month...

....as a less than 1 year old! *tear*
That’s right, Ethan turned 11 months old this week. This past year has been an incredible and wonderful whirlwind. It still blows my mind that this time last year I was a little over 30 weeks pregnant, and while I thought I was almost 10 weeks away from meeting little man, little did I know then that It was only 23 DAYS away.  

Ethan has really taken off in the last month, and it’s become quite evident that we transitioning from  little baby to little boy. 

Weight: According to the bathroom scale he’s about 17.6 LBs . We’ll have an updated official weight in a little over a month when Ethan goes in for his 1 year(!) appointment.

Teeth: 4! His top 2 teeth popped overnight a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been so lucky (knock on wood) that teething has noticeably bothered him.

What Ethan’s Eating: It would actually be easier to write, “What Isn’t Ethan Eating”, because in reality he is eating everything! In addition to nursing morning/night and getting 2 bottles of pumped milk at daycare, Ethan is also eating 2 full meals a day.  I pack him a solid food lunch using consisting of some sort of protein (ground turkey, chicken, PBJ, Greek Yogurt), a fruit, and a veggie.  Occasionally he’ll also get some goldfish crackers, whole wheat ritz, or Cherrios. A couple of weeks ago, Ethan dropped his 5:00 nursing session on his own in favor for real food at dinner.  At dinner he eats whatever we’re eating (sometimes modified).  I love that he is so self-sufficient with feeding himself and is able to enjoy his meals WITH us. Honestly, baby-led weaning was one of the best decisions that we could have ever made.

1. Transitioning from Standing to Sitting and vice-versa For a while, Ethan has been able to pull himself up. However, he would start whining after a little bit because he got “stuck” and had a hard time getting back down. Now it’s no problem and he can even lean down to grab something without falling.  

2. Climbing stairs.  Ever since Ethan started crawling and pulling up on things he’s started to take an interest in stairs. The day before he turned 11 months he decided to take the plunge and tackle the stairs. He conquered them in 1 go!

3. Giving Kisses Typically at night, Ethan loves to give his mama and dada big, slobbery, open-mouthed kisses, and we love them!

4. Asking for Food He’s not exactly saying words, but Ethan does have a sequence of sounds that he uses when he wants food (typically when he sees us getting it ready).  I’m pretty sure he thinks that all food is called bananas (because he just about eats one a day), but he leaves off he ba- and just says, “nana” over and over.  It sounds like he’s saying “no-no-no-no-no” though. LOL.

5. Calling for Mama and Dada. I’m still not completely convinced that it’s purposeful vs. random, but I’m starting to feel like it’s very directed when he says it. The other day, he said “mama” and then leaned over, grabbed my face with both hands and planted a big wet one on my cheek. Talk about melt your heart!

6. Pushing his Sit To Stand Walker. He got this for Christmas from us and has loved it since the moment he unwrapped it. He can’t quite push it from a full stand-but he will do it while up on his knees. I have a feeling we’ll have a walker in no time!

1. Cheering on the Vikings in the Playoffs - Sadly he also got to experience a defeating loss. There’s always next season though, right?

2. 1st Snow Day at home with mom.  We spent the day snuggling, playing, napping, and playing some more. Pretty much my idea of a perfect day!

3. Puzzles - Ethan has taken a particular interest in puzzles. So far it only consists of taking the pieces out, but he’s gotten really good at grabbing them by their little handles.  The fact that he enjoys doing puzzles makes my nerd heart happy :)

I am now into full-on party-planning mode.  My mom has joked that it’s almost as if I’m planning another wedding. Ha. It’s definitely going to be big, but I don’t know about that big ;)

More on that next month. 
Until then,

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