~65~ First Christmas in our Home

One of the many things I love about owning a home is decorating for Christmas.  While I was able to decorate in the apartment, the options were much more limited.  The best part about this year's Christmas decor was getting a live Christmas tree, something I haven't had in at least 6 years.  We picked ours up the weekend after Thanksgiving from Costco after a tip from a friend.  It is a beautiful 7' Fraiser Fir.  I'm still figuring out how to decorate/light a tree since the last 5 years we've had a pre lit one, so this year was somewhat of a learning year.  I'm thinking next year we're going to stick to all white lights and a general color scheme of red/white/silver.

In addition to the tree upstairs, we added some Christmas items to our console table and side coffee table. 

In addition to our tree, we also bought a gorgeous pre lit garland for our downstairs mantle. Our mantle is probably my favorite part look.  In my planter I change out the flowers seasonally and currently have red and white poinsettias.  I also have the sled that I painted last year, a silver reindeer from Kohls and a "Noel" sled that I picked up on the way home from a Vikings game. 

Perhaps the best part of being in our new house at Christmas is getting to host Christmas dinner.  Traditionally, we have spent Christmas Eve in Minneapolis with my side of the family and Christmas day with Jake's side of the family.  However, this year, due to work schedules, we celebrated with my family in Minneapolis the weekend before Christmas.  So, this year, on Christmas Eve it was going to be just Jake and I celebrating together-starting new traditions.  That is, until my Mother-In-Law called Christmas Eve morning to ask our invitation (that they had declined a couple days prior) to come eat dinner at our house was still open.  I of course said, "yes!".  Not only were they coming, but so were Jake's brother, his girlfriend, Jake's grandma, and uncle.  I had never made Christmas dinner before, let alone cooked a full meal for 8 people, but I was up for the challenge.  

I quickly jumped into action and began getting things ready.  It has always been tradition to eat Swedish meatballs, Swedish sausage, mashed potatoes/gravy, spinach soufflĂ©, and rice pudding on Christmas eve, and I so that was the menu.  Thanks to many, many phone calls to my mom asking how exactly everything is done, the food was ready, and turned out perfectly (if I do say so myself).   While I do hope to spend many Christmas Eve's in Minneapolis as tradition usually dictates, it was so much fun having Jake's family over and sharing more of how I grew up celebrating Christmas, and I'm looking forward to doing it again in future years. 

How do you celebrate Christmas? What's your favorite decoration?
Until next time, 

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