~114~ 10 months and Crawling!

Happy New Year!

Our family had a wonderful Christmas and I hope all of you did too!
Celebrating Ethan’s 1st Christmas was so magically and I’m so glad that I have my new camera to hold onto some of those special moments forever. 

We spent Christmas Eve at our house and Christmas Day at Jake’s parents’ house before we left for Minneapolis. We then spent a long weekend in MN with my family and friends.  Ethan even got to meet his new friend Ryan who was born just a little over a month after Ethan. (Their original due dates were only 6 days apart!)

When we got back, we had Ethan’s 9 month appointment - which was a bit delayed since he was almost 10months old by the time we got it scheduled. His doctor confirmed that he’s perfect, just like we know he is. 

Weight: 16.2lbs (6%)

Length: 26.5in (5%)

2! His first tooth sprouted the week before Christmas. We almost didn’t even notice it at first because it didn’t seem to bother him at all! The second one popped up shortly after.

What Ethan’s Eating:
There really isn’t much he isn’t eating. Of course no honey until after 1, and I’ve also been leery of introducing strawberries and grapes, and will probably wait another month or so. He is eating solids at daycare everyday - typically a mixture of fruits and veggies. At home he typically eats dinner with us 5 out of 7 nights. 

Ethan started crawling on Thursday, December 10. We initially called it the “Airplane” crawl since he paused between each scoot and kicked his feet while spreading his arms out to his sides and flapping them up and down. It may look silly, but let me tell you-he gets where he wants to go pretty quickly!  By Christmas, he was full-on crawling and get where and what he wants a lot faster than you’d think!

Today, he also started pulling himself up for the first time. We had a feeling it would be soon since he had started hanging on to our ottoman from his knees and trying to pull up, but not quite having the guts to go for it. Well, while I was taking his 10 month pictures in his crib he went for it! Needless to say as soon as we were done, we lowered the mattress.

1. Christmas!
Like I said, we celebrated Christmas eve and day here in IA with Jake’s family. It was lovely and a great way to celebrate Ethan’s 1st Christmas! After spending Christmas morning at Jake’s parents’ house, we drove up to MN and spent the extended weekend there with my family. Lots of quality time together, good food, and relaxation!

Ethan of course was beyond spoiled and our house is now bursting with new toys.  His new favorites are the Sit and Stand Walker, an elephant he can ride, and a Little People Zoo.
2. New Year’s Eve.  
It’s crazy to me that it’s now a different year than when Ethan was born. We had a great New Year’s Eve at a friend’s house with all of the kids. Ethan didn’t quite make it until midnight, but had a blast staying up later than usual.  He also gave us quite the gift by sleeping in until 11:30am the next day! (He certainly takes after mom in that department).

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