~106~ First Mother's Day

I had the honor of celebrating my first Mother's Day this month, and what a special one it has been. I am still in awe of lucky I am to have the most special little boy in life and his daddy by my side. 

I started out the day with baby snuggles and breakfast in bed, which was gift enough for me, but Jake and Ethan went above and beyond and really spoiled me! I got a stainless steal mug that says "world's best Mom in Korean" and a beautiful and personalized snow globe from Ethan, which I can't wait to display proudly in my new classroom.  The rest of the day followed with more snuggles, lots of movies, and more treats than a person should consume in one day-but shh, it's Mother's Day and those calories never count ;) 

The night before, I whipped up a batch of sunflower cupcakes to bring to our Mother's Day celebration at my in-laws house, but Mother Nature had other plans in mind, so they had to wait until the next weekend.


~105~ Ethan: 2 months

Believe it or not, Ethan is now 2 months old! I have no idea how that happened. Time is flying by way.too.fast.
Weight: 9lbs 0oz (59%ile)
Length: 20.25inches (33%ile)
I'm pretty sure he grew, but measuring height of an infant can be a rather tricky thing. His doctor thinks his 1 month measurement was off. 
Eating Habits: At this point he is exclusively breastfeeding, however that will change when I go back to work on May 18 (tear!) and will have to eat from bottles during the day. However, he will still be exclusively fed breastmilk. When E does get a bottle, he's easily knocking back 3oz so we're going to try upping it to 3.5-4oz and see how he does. 
Activities: We're staying awake and alert for most of the day with the occasional nap here or there. We do tummy time daily whether it's on his play mat or our chests. He's getting really good at lifting his head to look around. E's also successfully traveled to MN twice! The first time was to surprise Aunt Lauren for her 30th birthday. This was also the first time mom left Ethan with a babysitter (grandma/grandpa) and that dad was away for more than a night.  The 2nd time was for a wedding and my uncle's memorial.  He was quite the handsome stud!
Favorite Things: Mom and dad making silly faces (at least we think so-still waiting on that social smile), sleeping on mom and dad's chests, and dare I say bath time? We practice splashing the water with our hands and feet and after we're good and clean, we practice swimming (mom helps E float on his back)
Least Favorite things: Diaper changes still and shots :(

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