~113~ First Thanksgiving and 9 month Update

It’s hard to believe that we celebrated Ethan’s first Thanksgiving almost a month ago (as usual, I am behind in posting my monthly updates)! Of course we had a great time! It was particularly fun since he’s eating solids and was able to partake in our Thanksgiving meal. He certainly loved all it - especially the pumpkin pie!
We had my parents and grandma over for dinner. Jake’s family was supposed to come too, but weather and illness prevented them from making it :(  It was still a lovely time though and Ethan enjoyed being the center of attention!

Weight: We won’t get an official weight until the end of the month when Ethan goes in for his 9 month appointment, but according to the bathroom scale he’s 16.2 LBs. 

Clothing Size: Ethan’s solidly in 6 month clothing both for onesies and pants. For sleepers though he’s in 6-9 month. He’s still a little peanut, but that’s a-okay with me ;)

What Ethan’s Eating:
 There’s really nothing that Ethan isn’t eating aside from honey (which can cause Botulism in infants).  He loves eating food and will get jealous if we’re eating something from him and not sharing. He’s even eating solids at daycare now after his daycare lady asked if it was okay. Apparently he was having meltdowns when the other kids were having snacks and he wasn’t getting any.  His favorite foods are bananas, tomatoes, whole-wheat crackers.  We try to be very mindful of the foods he’s eating and making sure that they are healthy. Occasionally we’ll give him a little taste of a treat, but that’s it. He’s still getting the bulk of his food from my milk nursing 3 times a day and getting 2 bottles at daycare. 

1. We had our first snowfall the Friday before Thanksgiving and we got Ethan all bundled up in new snowsuit so he could check it out for himself. We didn’t last out there for very long, but he was very curious about this white stuff and of course wanted to give it a taste!

2. The Friday after Thanksgiving we went with my family to the annual Festival of Tree and Lights downtown where we oohed and ahhed over a bunch of decorated Christmas trees. Ethan also got to meet Santa for the first time. I don’t think he knew quite what to think but he didn’t cry! I’d say it was a success!

3. We’re about half-way through swim lessons now and Ethan’s doing great. The instructor has frequently marveled at how well he does kicking his feet in the water and being able to put his head under without freaking out.  Our lesson before thanksgiving he was the only swimmer there and got to use the waterslide for the first time. So much fun!

4. First Christmas Tree.  Two weekends ago we got our Christmas tree.  Ethan had a lot of fun checking it out - and trying to eat it! I’ve always loved this season, but now that we have Ethan, I love it even more!

At this point, there’s only 5 more days until Christmas! Ethan’s 9 month appointment will be next week when he’s actually only a week away from 10 months, I’ll be back to update soon!

Until then, 

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