~108~ Monthly Updates & 100 Day Celebration

I’ve honestly been meaning to post about Ethan turning 3 months old for - well, a month now. But, as a new mom, life.happens. and I just never got around to it.  The little guy finally decided to take a real afternoon nap for once though, so here I am with his 3 and 4 month update.

3 Months

Weight: We didn’t have an appointment this month. When I took him to Mommy and Me class, he weighed about 11LBS. 

Eating Habits: Ethan is still eating about every 3 hours (sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more). At the end of May, he was bottle-fed pumped milk when my dad and Jake’s mom watched so I could go back to work at the end of the school year and he was eating about 3-4oz at each feeding . I have to give a lot of props to moms who exclusively pump. I did it twice a day for 2 weeks and that was more than enough for me!

Sleeping Habits: Ethan is now 100% transitioned to sleeping in his crib at night. Miraculously, Ethan started sleeping through the night the night before I went back to work. He slept from 10pm-5am!! It’s like he knew that mama needed her sleep. This has continued ever since, with only a few nights waking up once around 3 or so. Fingers crossed he’ll keep it up!

Activities: Ethan enjoys playing on his playmat and has gotten good at batting at the stuffed animals hanging down. He isn’t really grabbing things yet, but I have a feeling he’ll get there soon! Twice a week, Ethan goes with me to tutoring; and running errands has gotten a lot easier now that he can easily be carried in the Ergo. 

Favorite Things: Bath time! He loves it now. We give Ethan a bath on Sunday and Wednesday nights before bed. It is always a fun and relaxing time for him. After we’re doing washing everything, we take him out of his bath chair and let him float around and “swim” in the tub on his back.  I hold the back of his head to keep it above the water line, but everything else is free in the water. 

He also really likes when people look down at him when he’s laying in his crib or on the changing table and will often smile back at us. 

Least Favorite Things: Tummy Time. I’ve been bad at getting this in because he dislikes it so much. I need to be a tougher mom and make him do it everyday. Sometimes he won’t even try to lift his head (even though he can definitely do it) and will just put his face into the mat and cry.


Shortly after Ethan turned 3 months old, we celebrated him turning 100 days old on June 14.
 This milestone (Baek-il, 백일) is celebrated in the Korean culture as a sacred time of nurturing for both baby and mom to ensure good health and longevity, as historically the survival rates would drastically increase after a baby's first 100 days of life. To protect mom and baby, they would stay in the house until the baby was 100 days old. On this day, family and friends gather together to give thanks and to share in traditional food and rice cakes. The rice cake represent purity and perfection, and it is believed that the more people it is shared with, the longer life the baby will have.

To celebrate Ethans Baek-il, I made a traditional steamed rice cake and other traditional Korean foods for Jakes parents, brother and his girlfriend, and uncle.  

We had bulgogi, mandu, and rice cake soup (which I had never made before).  It all turned out great and there were no left overs to be found!  Since I hadnt made the rice cake before and had read that it was an acquired taste, I decided to pick up some gourmet cupcakes as well from a local bakery, Cache Bake Shoppe. Normally, it would kill me a little bit inside to buy cupcakes vs. making them, but with everything else I was making, it was a relief not to have one more thing to have to worry about and prepare.  And I really cant complain - they were delicious! Even though I didn’t make the cupcakes themselves, I did make some cupcake toppers with Ethan’s name in hangul and his picture. 
Happy 100 days Ethan!!
4 Months

Weight: 12lbs, 2oz (up 2LBs, 2oz from his 2 month appointment).

Length: 23.5 inches long

Eating Habits: Now that we’re fully back home for the summer, Ethan is back to being 100% breastfed, which is still going great! At his 4 month appointment, his pediatrician said that he could start trying rice cereal and purees if we want to. I picked up a box of rice cereal that night and got his high chair all set up. He loved his new chair, but wasn’t so sure about the cereal. 
We’ll try again in a week or so. At this point in time, we’re just experimenting with things. Once he’s about 6 months old, we’re going to try baby-led weaning to actually introduce solids. 

Sleeping Habits: Ethan is still a great sleeper (knock on wood).  We’ve got a great bedtime routine going and he is consistently sleeping about 10-11 hours overnight. He’s not much of a day-time napper though. After about 12:00, he doesn’t really sleep much until he goes to bed around 9. 

Activities: Being mom’s muse for her new DSLR camera! I’ve gone a little picture crazy, but how can you not when you have the most adorable photo subject?!

Ethan also went on his first “camping” trip at Mikey’s Acres over 4th of July weekend. This special place is dedicated to Ethan’s namesake and Jake’s best friend who we lost 6 years ago April. 

Favorite Things: Kicking his new piano under his playmat. He’s quite the musician! Bath time, and watching mom and dad. 

Least Favorite Things: Still tummy time and shots :(

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