~38~Our Wedding: Party Bus!!

Between our ceremony and reception, we wanted to go to my favorite part of Minneapolis, Lake Harriet and take some pictures on their historic trolley and in the rose gardens.  To do so, we hired a bus to take us from the ceremony to the lake, to the reception.  Aside from saying "I do" to my HUSBAND, this was by far my favorite part of the day.  It was just so much fun.  We took our entire wedding party and their dates on, along with some good tunes, and good drinks!  I think it's safe to say-everyone had a blast.

The first stop we made was at the Lake Harriet Trolley.  My mom and I had stopped and talked to the museum manager the day before and he let us know that we'd be able to stop and take pictures as long as it wasn't too busy.  When we got there, there was a whole line of people waiting, so we were given a 5 minutes window.  Our awesome photographer quickly got to work setting up each shot and we definitely got some good ones!

From the trolley, we went around the lake to the rose gardens and took some awesome wedding party pictures 
and my favorite picture of Jake and I. 

Funny Story: Our photographer had us ladies do a race to get some fun action shots with the boys cheering us on behind us.  While we were running, one of my bridesmaids fell and landed on her bottom with her dress up to her waist.  Being that amazing woman that she is, she took it all in stride and laughed it.  We did get some great sequence shots, but I will spare her and not put any of them up ;)

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  1. Congratulations, Maggie! You and Jake look very sweet together! A party bus wedding seems like a really great idea. I wonder why I’ve never thought of that. Do you think London will allow us to hire one of their double-decker buses for our wedding party? I’m also thinking of having a limo party, but we may need one of those double-decker Hummer limousines to fit everyone. Or a party bus. A very big party bus. Here’s to your happy marriage, Maggie! Cheers!

    James Perkins


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