~31~ Freedom!

Happy (almost) summer to all of you!!  I am now officially on day 8 of summer vacation, and so far I'm loving it!  At lot has happened since my last blog post, so I'll do my best to catch you all up to speed.

**New Toys!
When I got my Cuttlebug a few months ago, I bought a "Daisy Quilling Kit" to go with it.  I however, quickly learned that I needed another type of plate-to make the die cut work.  I finally got the C plate a couple of weeks ago and wasted no time trying it out.  My daisy didn't turn out quite as nice as the example, but with some more practice, I'm sure I'll get there.  :)
I also got a score-board, used for scoring my folds a lot more precisely than I had been able to do previously.  This particularly comes in handy when making my shutter-cards.

**Jake's Birthday
Jake celebrated his 28th birthday on Friday, May 25 and continued well into the weekend.  Since Friday was my last day of work (woo hoo!), I was able to leave early at 3 and meet up with Jake, who had the day off.  We then headed to the driving range so that Jake could hit some balls at the range with his new b-day present (which he actually got a couple months ago)-a Driver.  We followed that up with a round of putt-putt, which I sadly lost.

After that, we met up with some friends and went to a new, trendy burger joint downtown Des Moines, called Zombie Burger and Lab,  where they make a bunch of unique/gourmet burgers that all have zombie themed names. They also had some very creative and amazing adult shakes. It was a fun atmosphere and very delicious.  One of the coolest things they had was a huge bar with over 130 different beers and the option of getting a flight of beers for only $9!  They served this on a wooden paddle splattered with "blood" and circle cut outs for the glasses.  After dinner, we headed to a new bar called, "Woolys", where they had some amazing live music.

**New Job
Well, kind of.  At the end of the school year, I was given an opportunity to join the Urbandale chapter of the National Educator Association.  I was currently in the process of applying for an NEA/Public School scholarship for my masters degree, and it seemed like perfect timing.  I volunteered myself to be the treasurer, and was elected!  This will definitely be another way for me to be more involved in our district.  Last week, I met with the union president and got everything transferred over.

**School Supplies
Last Wednesday, after dinner at Red Robin for the conclusion of Jake's b-day celebrations, we stopped by OfficeMax so that I could get a few supplies for my upcoming graduate classes that start at the end of June.  I was only planning on getting a few things, but walked out with much more! The best purchase was a new laptop bag at a steal of a price, thanks to the clearance section.  I was wanting something larger to replace my work-issued one so that I could keep everything in one place-my laptop, binder, school books, pens, planner, etc.  I spent last night getting everything organized-something I oddly enough LOVE to do!  Jake called me Monica from "FRIENDS".

Last Thursday was my last evening shift at the Y for at least the summer, and I promised my coworkers that I'd bring in some cupcakes as a peace offering for ditching them.  I made confetti cupcakes in both standard and mini sizes with my homemade buttercream frosting.  You can get the recipe HERE.  I normally just frost my cake with a knife, but saw a post on Pinterest that showed how to create professional looking frosting using piping bags and tips.

The tip that I used worked out very well for the mini cupcakes, but not as well for the larger ones.  I need to get a larger one for next time.  I also got to try out some silicone cupcake wrappers that I had gotten as a Christmas present.  They worked out very well!

We have lots of exciting things coming up in June, that I will be sure to blog about, so be on the look out.  I hope everyone is having a great start to their summer-even if it hasn't officially started yet. 

Until next time, 

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