~97~ 30 weeks down, 10 to go!

Even less than that by the time I officially publish this post.  
We're at the point in pregnancy now that I have regular check ups every 2 weeks instead of once of a month.  On Thursday I had my 30 week appointment.  Baby's heartbeat was 134.  I'm measuring almost a week ahead, so everything is looking good.   I asked my OB about my weight gain, because based on the scale, it doesn't seem like I've gained very much, but my belly says otherwise.  I feel HUGE! She reassured me that I'm gaining right on track for 3rd trimester and has no concerns.

We're also almost done with our prenatal class with only 1 class left.  This last week, we learned about the final stage of labor (transition) and birth.  Part of it included watching a video with a live birth-something I wasn't exactly expecting.  

Here's how this week went: 

How far along: 30w2d
Baby's Size: A Cucumber (appox. 15.5inches, 3lbs)
Symptoms: Muscle cramps at night, acid reflux, some right sided hip pain is starting to come back, lower abdominal pressure, and Braxton Hick's contractions.
Best Moment: Getting my dress for the my MN Baby Shower, hearing Baby H's heartbeat again.
Worst Moment: Dealing with a bad cold
Movement: I'm pretty sure I felt either his fist or foot poking out of my belly the other day.  His movements are most consistent at night between 9-11pm.  He'll usually kick multiple times in a row and each time I'll stop what I'm doing and just watch my belly do the wave. 
Baby Purchases: I was at Target the other night and found an adorable sweater vest and pant outfit on clearance.  I couldn't help but buy it.  My cousin is getting married the first weekend in May and if we're able to go, it'd be the perfect outfit.  
Belly Button: Out
Rings: On and comfy.  They even spin! Thank goodness for being pregnant during colder months so that I'm not having much swelling (knock on wood). 
Stretch Marks: Not yet-thankfully.  I use Mama Bee's belly butter every morning and have been able to avoid them so far.  From what I've read they're hereditary any way, so I may not be able to prevent them regardless. 

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