~82~ Week 16

Once again, another week has gone by.  The definitely seem to be moving faster now that everyone knows about Baby H.  With the holidays soon approaching, I'm sure they'll go by even quicker. 

There's not a whole lot that's changed between last week and this week, so here's the rundown:

How far along: 16weeks

Baby's Size: Avocado (4.6in long, 3.5oz)

Symptoms: Still just fatigue.  I'm taking Monday off for a personal day, and I'm very much looking forward to sleeping in and being lazy all day!

Cravings: I had a craving for mint chocolate chip ice cream this week.  Salt/Vinegar kettle chips.  Sour patch kids. 

Can't Stand: Still the usual list.  Although, I've found that it's easier for me to eat chicken if it's mixed into something.  

Best Moment: Getting the kitchen projects done and my house put back together

Worst Moment: Nothing really sticks out in my mind this week. 

Movement: I think I'm finally starting to feel some movement, which the medical books call, "quickening".  It's not super pronounced, so I'm not certain that it's Baby H, but I'm pretty sure.  I notice it most often when I first come home and crouch down to greet Buckles and Viktor.  For a fleeting moment, I feel a little fishy swimming around just below my belly button. I'm looking forward to feeling stronger movements and for Jake to be able to feel them too!

Maternity Clothes: Still not yet, but I have a feeling they aren't far away.  Pants are certainly getting tighter, and I'm starting to get a more noticeable bump. 

Nursery: We've started to get the basics taken care of.  We have new carpet scheduled to be installed mid-November.  Between now and then we plan to get the walls painted (I'll have pictures and an update next week), and the closet cleaned out and reorganized.  We've decided to go with an elephant theme, so I also ordered fabric to make a box valence over the window and pinned a bunch of different things that I want to have. 

Next Appointment: Tomorrow afternoon! It's nothing too exciting, but we'll get to hear the heartbeat again and make sure that baby is growing on track. 

What amazes me most right now is knowing how much Baby H has developed since we first found out about him/her.  S/he can hear, sense light, move their arms and legs, swallow, and all of the organs are now functioning, with the heart pumping 25 quarts of blood per day! 

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