~81~ Week 15

Time is ticking right along and I am now a happy 15 weeks pregnant 
(Disclaimer: I  totally typed months instead of weeks by accident first.  Now that would be interesting...)

Not a whole lot new to report this week.  "Bump Watch" is in full effect and it is growing slowly, but surely.  The oddest part of it all is that I'm technically losing weight, but my stomach is gaining inches.  A little mind-boggling to see for sure.  In all honesty, this phase of pregnancy is a bit difficult for me in that I have worked in the past couple of years to drop weight and get rid of some excess belly fat so that I could be as healthy as possible before getting pregnant.  It messes with your mind a bit to see an expanding waistline that doesn't look pregnant, just paunchy.  I have to tell myself it's okay-that's supposed to happen!  Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to lose weight at.all.  My appetite just isn't back to normal yet, and baby is still so small, so putting on the pounds hasn't quite happened yet. But, I'm certain that in the next few weeks, that will be changing!

How far along: 15 weeks.  There are less than 6 months to go!

Baby's size: Naval orange (4in long, 2.5oz)

Symptoms: Really nothing right now.  Just fatigue.  Appetite is slowly coming back! (Although, this morning, Baby H wanted to remind me that s/he is still there with a little morning sickness episode-I thought that phase was over!)

Sleep: For the most part, I'm sleeping really well.  I still usually wake up once a night just to go to the bathroom and I switch positions more often, but overall, it's pretty good!

Cravings: Hash browns (from Jethros), Sour Patch Kids

Can't Stand: Chicken, Pizza-or really anything with lots of melted cheese, smell of cilantro (not sure if any of this will change over the course of the weeks)

Missing: Sleeping on my stomach (this will be here until week 40!)

Best Moment: Picking out carpet for the nursery and registering at Target!

Worst Moment: The exhaustion and soreness that resulted from putting in a our new kitchen floor. (more on that next post)

Maternity clothes: I'm in the awkward stage now where my regular pants are starting to not fit, but I'm not big enough to wear maternity pants.  The bella band has come in handy, but I think it accentuates what little bump I have more. 

Next Appointment: Next week! I can't wait!

Until next then,

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