~80~ Week 14

Hello 2nd Trimester!

Looking back, it's hard to believe that it's been over 10 weeks since I first found out that I am pregnant.  Saying/typing that out loud makes it seem like time has flown by, but in the day to day it feels like it's dragging.  Only 6 more weeks until we find out if Baby H is a boy or girl!

Here's this week's rundown. 

How far along: 14weeks

Baby's size: A lemon (3.4in long, 1.5oz)

Symptoms: I'm happy to report that the nausea/morning sickness seems to finally be subsiding (knock on wood).  The food aversions (melted cheese, meat) are still alive and kicking, but I'm starting to feel like a normal person.  

Sleep: I'm still waiting for the 2nd tri energy boost to arrive.  I am still tired pretty much all of the time (thank goodness grad school is over!).  Naps are my best friend and getting up in the morning is a really struggle.  I'm still dealing with some hip pain, and I am dying to sleep on my stomach, but am doing well at refraining. 

Cravings: Honeycrisp apples.  Hashbrowns.

Can't stand: Chicken, Pizza-or really anything with lots of melted cheese, smell of cilantro

Missing: Sleeping on my stomach, Wine, Ibuprofen

Best Moment: Not having to hug the toilet.  Buying a few things for baby :)

Worst Moment: Headaches.  Tylenol sucks.

Maternity Clothes: I'm still in my regular clothes, but I don't think that will last much longer in the pants department without the Bella-Band.  Things are starting to get a lit bit tight. 

Movement: I told Jake that I swear I've felt some movement in the last week.  It might be all in my mind, but I'm pretty certain I've felt something.  Could totally be gas though.  Feels kind of like a fish flopping around.  Weirdest feeling ever.  I've looking forward to more consistent and definitely movement!

Baby Gear: We bought a Pack N' Play and bouncer/jumper from some friends.  I also picked up a pack of white onesies and baby hangers at Target, and a carton of 1,000 wipes from Costco, but other than that, we're waiting until after the anatomy scan at the end of November to buy much.  My plan is to buy some of the little necessities (onesies, wipes, baby hygiene) throughout to start stock-piling, but we won't do a ton of shopping until the spring.   

Next Appointment: October 30th

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