~68~Becoming a Wilton Pro

Okay, well maybe not a pro, but I'll at least be one step closer to one!

As mentioned in a previous post, Jake got me a Wilton cake decorating class for Christmas!  Today, was my first class and I am already thrilled with it and can't wait to go back next week.

Originally, I was going to take the class at JoAnns (my favorite store), but the one closest to us does not offer it and I would have had to go to a store about 25 minutes from us.  Plus the only available time was on Fridays after work.  I decided to check Michaels to see what their schedules were like and found a class that is offered on Wednesdays from 6-8pm.  This works out perfectly with my schedule because I tutor until 5:30 and Michaels is on the way home.  

There are 4 classes-each 2 hours long.  In addition to registering for the class, I also got my course 1 student kit.

 I debated whether or not to get it since I already own about half of the items, but with a 50% off coupon, it ended up being only $17.50, which was more cost effective than buying the items I didn't already have separately.  Here's what's included in the kit:

1 Spatula
4 Couplers
12 tips in various sizes and styles
1 Cupcake nail
1 rose nail
2 featherweight (reusable) decorator bags
6 disposable decorator bags
6 parchment triangles
1 decorator brush (to use with gel transfers)
2 rose stickers
Various Reusable practice boards and stands. 

Additional items that I had to bring were a can of pre made Wilton icing to practice with, 6 flat/unfrosted cookies, the Wilton 1 course lesson plan.  We didn't really get to use the materials much tonight, but I did practice using the star tip (#18) using the practice board initially and then on our cookies. 

Otherwise,  class primarily focused on basics and tips for making a good cake that tastes great and is easy to frost, as well as how to make buttercream frosting in the right consistencies.  A lot of teacher talk/student watching, but the next 3 sessions are promised to be hands on.  

Here are the best tips I learned tonight: 

1. Stick your cake pan(s) in the freezer prior to baking-it will help it to cook more evenly and prevent the dome, creating a flatter top. 

2. After cooking for 10 minutes in the pan, flip onto seran wrap and place top side down on the counter.  This helps to lock in moisture and the weight of the cake helps ensure a flat top. 

3. Frosting really never needs to be refrigerated and can last up to 3 weeks (or frozen). 

4. My local library rents out specialty pans (think characters/shapes), so you don't have to buy a pan you'll only use once. 

Next week, we need to bring a baked, unfrosted cake to practice filling, frosting, and decorating using gel transfers. I'm so excited!

Until then, 

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