~66~ Gifts for a Baker

If all you had to get to know me were the gifts I received for Christmas, it'd be safe to say that you'd be able to determine that I like to bake.  Here's what I got: 

1. 4 Cookie Sheets

2. A new cake knife/spatula

3. Angled spatula

4. New revolving spice rack that measures out a 1/4 tsp at a time.

4. Christmas cookie cutters
 I've already put to good use the cookie sheets, cookie cutters, and spice rack making sugar cookies for our New Year's Eve party.

And best of all: 

A Wilton cake decorating class at JoAnns.  I have always wanted to take one, but have never taken the initiative.  Jake got it for me and has even agreed to take the course with me :)  I can't wait!

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