~17~ My Favorite Things v.2.15

This might seem like an odd thing to say, but I love paper! Patterned paper that is.  I honestly never thought it would be possible to enjoy buying stacks of paper so much.  I have so much now, that I am running out of places to keep it all.  Most of my paper I buy in themed books, or stacks as they are called. Lately, my favorite one is the Whimsy Stack.  The patterns are just pretty and definitely appeal to my girly side.

I also really like how versatile this stack is.  I've used it for birthday cards, wedding cards, thank you cards, and the like.  And in fact, the background image on my Bake Me A Craft logo is taken from the Whimsy Stack.  

Crafting Tip #4: While you can use a coupon buy your stack ($19.99 retail), JoAnn's frequently has their paper stacks marked as 40% off.  I always buy mine when they are on sale and save my coupons for something else that hardly ever on sale. 

Crafting Tip #5: You can also buy smaller versions of most stacks, if you don't think you'll need/use full 12"x12" sheets.  They come in 6"x6" and 5"x7" books as well. 

I have a Valentine's Day post coming up soon, 
so until then-

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