~3~ New Craft Table {part I}

Last week, a few days before Christmas, my husband, Jake, was running late coming home from work.  I started to get a little worried so I called to see where he was and why he was so late.  Turns out I ruined a Christmas surprise from him :(  I had recently shown him a craft table that I wanted to eventually make on pinterest and he had planned to go get the supplies and build it on Thursday, when he knew I'd be out of the house.  Unfortunately Walmart, didn't have the supplies necessary, and his plan was bust.  However, he didn't reveal this plan to me until after Christmas had passed.

After doing a little research, I ended up finding all of the supplies I wanted to build my *perfect* craft table at Target.  I originally had thought about using the larger 3x3 cube shelfs like in my inspiration-which were $60 each.  However, I stumbled upon a cheaper option I found that Closetmaid makes 'mini' 2x3 cube shelfs that are 6" deep as opposed to 12" for only $13.  Now, these were a lot smaller than standard 2x3 and only stand 16" high-too short to be a desk.  LIGHTBULB!  If I bought 4 of them, I could stack them 2 on each leg of the table to get a total of 32" tall.  And so I set my plan into motion.
 Today, at Target, I bought 4 shelving units.  Two of them were 2x3 cube shelves, and two that were offset cube shelves.  I also bought the matching Closetmaid mini cloth drawers to go with and 2 long fabric baskets to put in the shelves.
My husband helped me to assemble each of the shelves separately, and then we nailed one on top of other to create 1 leg of the table.

Once assembled, I placed my drawers and baskets in where I wanted them, and filled them with various craft supplies: ribbon, clear stamps, ink, craft paper, envelopes, and Cricut cartridges.
Tomorrow, I will be assembling the other leg, and getting 2'x4'x1" plywood from Home Depot for the table top.  I will update my blog with pictures of the completed table once it is finished. 

Until then….


  1. hey maggie!!

    love the crafting!!!! it's been a long time! hope all is well with you!!!

    i've become addicted to baking/sewing...here are my adventures:


  2. Hi Shannon!

    Love the blog. And the craftiness!


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