~1~ Bake Me A Craft

Why hello there blogging world, let me introduce myself:
My name is Maggie, and I am a 26 year old wife, teacher, and crafter.  I live in Des Moines, IA with my husband Jake, and my almost 11 year old beagle named Buckles.  After an almost 10 year hiatus, I have decided to re-enter the blogging world.  This week, I determined that my 2012 New Years resolution would be to build up enough inventory to open and maintain an Etsy shop, as well as start a blog to go with it to document my various projects.  While I realize that I am writing my first post prior to the start of the new year, I figure it doesn't hurt to start my resolution a little early.

When coming up with a blog title, it took a bit of trial and error.  I wanted something that would be catchy and memorable, but not overly cliched.  I also wanted something that described me.  After wrestling with many different (not so great) names, it finally came to me: Bake Me a Craft, which perfectly marries my two favorite things to do-baking and crafting.  And so, a blog was born.

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