~90~ Weeks 21 and 22

Today's a double feature since I didn't get around to posting for week 21.  It feels like I just finished cleaning up from Thanksgiving-there's no way it's already been 2 weeks!

21 Weeks
This week was particularly fun because it's when I told my students that we're expecting a baby boy!  I decided it would be fun to play hangman last Friday and they took turns guessing letters to spell out the phrase, "Mrs. H. is going to have a baby boy in April!"  The rule before we started was that they weren't allowed to blurt out the sentence before all of the letters were in place, even if they knew what it said.  This is what made it especially fun.  Many students were able to figure it out once the B and Y were in place, but there was always 1 or 2 in the group who just hadn't put 2 and 2 together.  The excitement they had waiting to blurt it out was priceless.  I wish I would have video taped it.  They were all very excited.  Some were in disbelief.  Many are already giving me lots of name ideas.  
2 other teachers in my morning building are also pregnant and also due in April, so there is definitely a baby boom around here!

Here's how I felt that week:
Baby's Size: Pomegranate (10.5in, 12.7oz)
Symptoms: Increased appetite for sure.  I am definitely eating more than I did before.  Baby's growing a lot more each day now, so this is to be expected.  
Best Moment: Telling my students at school
Worst Moment: Bad headaches every day for over a week
Movement: I feel him everyday.  Usually in the morning, and around lunch time.  He typically kicks pretty low in my abdomen just under my pant line, so it can be a bit weird feeling since they're already tight to begin with.  At night, I feel kicks higher up around my belly button. 
Maternity Clothes: My grandma so kindly hemmed a pair of dress pants for me over Thanksgiving. I also ordered another 2 pairs in the same style, but different colors.  I had bought some cute cords with my other dress pants, but they were too tight.  Who's bright idea was it to make "slim fit" pants for a pregnant woman?  I'm still in the awkward stage though.  My regular pants are way too tight, but are manageable with the belly band.  Maternity pants are still way too big.  They don't really have a waist, so they are constantly falling off my hips.  They also don't have belt loops.  If it weren't for the full panel, I'd have a plumber's butt every time I wear them.  Leggings and maxi skirts are awesome. 
Weight Gain: I'm weighing in just under 3 LBs higher than my pre-pregnancy weight.  Thanks to Advocare, I was able to really get my health and weight under control before getting pregnant.  Even at 5 months pregnant, I'm still 8 LBs lighter than I was 3 winters ago, not pregnant. 

Week 22
Nothing too eventful going on this week. We've finalized Christmas present plans, which feels good.  Not all of them have been bought/ordered, but we at least know what we're getting everyone. We're now down to 12 days.  Ahh!  Only 6 more days of teaching.  It'll be nice to have a few days to mellow out and get stuff ready for the Christmas bustle. 

Not a whole lot is new from last week, but here's the rundown: 
How Far Along: 22 weeks, 1 day
Baby's Size: Papaya (around 11.5in, 13-20oz)
Symptoms: Lower back pain, dry sinuses/throat
Best Moment: Getting a new tub pillow for baths from my secret santa :)  I've never been a big bath person, but they've been great for getting some relaxation in and soaking away some of the aches and pains. 
Worst Moment: Nothing really
Movement: Lots.  In fact, he's kicking right now!  His kicks have gotten strong enough that I can see them from the outside.  I tried recording them last night, but they're hard to see on video. 
Maternity Clothes: Here and there, but mostly I'm still in my regular clothes. 
Weight Gain: I haven't weighed myself in almost a week.  My guess is that I'm up about 3 to 3.5lbs. 

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