~58~ Bathroom make over

When we moved in to our new house, there were 2 rooms that needed a major make over: our master bathroom and our second bedroom, AKA my craft room.
Our first priority was our bathroom since more than just myself would be using it.  There were just so many things that needed to be done.

Step 1: Painting the vanity
Neither of us was a fan of the burgundy red-especially paired with the mustard yellow and the blue tile.  I love the look of black bathroom vanities so that was done within week 1.  Instant upgrade!

Step 2: Adding new drawer pulls and cabinet nobs
The vanity didn't come with any, so I picked up some silver drawer pulls at Ikea when I was home over spring break.
The nobs are from Menards. It really made the black look so sleek and pretty!

Step 3: Painting the wall
The bathroom is two-toned.  There's mustard yellow that is on the little end cap of the vanity, as well as the wall opposite the shower.  The rest of it was painted beige/tan.  To compliment the blue tile (which we'll eventually update), we went with a grayish blue color called "Glass Slipper" by Benjamin Moore.  We had it made by Sherwin-Williams.  It doesn't have as much blue in it as I would have liked, but it's not bad.  Opposite the mirror, we painted the wall a medium blue from the same color family as the blue tile.

Step 4: Painting the shelf over the toilet
To match the newly painted vanity, I painted the little medicine cabinet black as well.  Looks so much better!

Step 5: Changing the drawers on the vanity
I have never in my life ever seen such a thing, but our vanity drawers are made out of, wait for it….


The front is made of wood, but screwed into them is a plastic tub.  They are disgustingly gross.  Plus they are cracking and covered in crusty, dried tooth paste.  They are so bad that I refused to put anything in them.  The plan to replace them was a lot more work than it sounds like.  The biggest problem was that the drawers are held into the vanity by a piece of plastic that runs through the middle of the top of the tub, with nothing underneath supporting it.
The first thing we did was frame out the inside of the vanity with a piece of plywood underneath to support a new drawer. We used liquid nails and screws to hold everything into place.
Then, using the front of the drawer, we built the sides and a new bottom out of wood to fit the space.

Voila! A beautiful, fresh-looking vanity.
Doesn't it look so much better?!



We have a few more things that I want to do before we're officially done.  This includes replacing the faucet and framing the mirror.  We already have the trim picked out, we just need to cut, paint, and liquid nail them into place.
I'll be back soon to add those updates.

Until then, 

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  1. It's really in the colors. Though mustard yellow looks pleasant in the eyes, it needs a touch of another color to make it livelier. Like you, I would prefer if there were more blue in the bathroom. Maybe you can have an additional lighting fixture or a window to brighten up your bathroom too.


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