~25~ Spring Break

I have been a very, very bad blogger.  I just realized that it's been over a week since I last did a post, and figured it's about time I wrote an update.  This week, I've been on spring break and even though it's been SO nice, not having to go to work everyday, I've still be very busy.  Last Saturday, I went home to Minneapolis to visit my parents, and a few of my friends that I don't get to see very often, and had so much fun!  The weather was just beautiful and it made me realize just how much I missed the lakes and my hometown city.

I got back to Des Moines, on Monday night, and have been spending my week house/dog sitting.  I had planned on doing some crafting during all of my free time, but this dog-sitting adventure has been a lot more time consuming than I had thought it would be.  Of course the best thing I did all week was an hour long, hot stone massage on Tuesday.  I was in pure heaven for those 60min and I only wish that I had the money to get one every weekend-or even every month.  For me, it truly is the best medicine.

I still have lots of projects on my plate that I'm hoping to get around to soon.  If not right away, for sure this summer.  Once we get back from spring break, there's only 9 week (44 days) of school.  Summer break is going to be here before you know-and I really can't wait! I'm hoping to really get my inventory and Etsy shop fully stocked during that time off.

Taken from www.scoutandnimble.com
My project list is as follows:

*Sheet music print of our 1st dance song, "Lucky".  Taken from another blogger, Scout&Nimble

*Make more cards and card boxes

*Create gift packaging sets-gift bags and tags

*Customized signs and home decor items.

I'll be sure to keep you all updated on them as I get to them.  Until next time, 

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