~10~Good Customer Service is Hard to Find!

Why is it that in a failing market economy, it seems that good customer service has fallen by the way-side, when if anything it should be running full force?  I am often dismayed by how rude, and uninterested companies can be towards their consumers. Now I know that I am far from the center of their universe and they deal with complaints and issues every minute of every day (sometimes from much ruder and unpleasant customers-I've worked my fair share in customer service (and still do) and know how that goes), but all I'm asking for is someone to answer my questions in a straight-forward manner, the first time I call, and hopefully get some resolution to whatever issue I'm having.

My experience this week however, shows that quality customer service is not dead! I recently bought a Living Social voucher for Vistaprint (VP)-I paid $10 to get $50 worth of office supplies.  I was needing business cards and the like for my Etsy shop, so it was perfect timing!  It took me hours to customize my images so that they fit VP's templates just right, but I was finally ready to order last night, and even had my order total right at $50.98.

Unfortunately, I didn't see the box where I needed to enter my promo code to receive the $50 credit from my voucher and kept clicking to the next page, thinking it would be there for me to put it in.  Before I knew it, I had submitted my order and payment.  OOPS!!  Frantically, I tried to cancel my order, but it was too late.  Instead I had to email customer service since it was too late to call them, explain the situation, and then cross my fingers in hopes that they would honor my simple and in my opinion, reasonable request.

I woke up this morning to an email from them letting me know that not only have they refunded the $50.98, but my full order was still being processed and shipped, AND that my voucher was still working and valid.  I was in such disbelief that I had to call their customer service line just to verify that this was indeed true.  And, it was!  So, not only am I getting the order that I wanted, but I'm getting it for NO cost AND still have $50 of free money (ok $40-since I paid $10 to get the voucher) to spend with them.

Thank you Vistaprint for restoring my faith in not only good, but great customer service! You are an example of how companies should run-quickly, and with courtesy.

As for the products I ordered, I custom created address labels, business cards, and envelope seals.  For the return address labels and business cards, I created the images I wanted in powerpoint, saved each as a picture, and then uploaded them to the VP website.  For the envelope seals I used a preloaded image/template from VP and just added the words.

TGIF everyone!
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