~106~ First Mother's Day

I had the honor of celebrating my first Mother's Day this month, and what a special one it has been. I am still in awe of lucky I am to have the most special little boy in life and his daddy by my side. 

I started out the day with baby snuggles and breakfast in bed, which was gift enough for me, but Jake and Ethan went above and beyond and really spoiled me! I got a stainless steal mug that says "world's best Mom in Korean" and a beautiful and personalized snow globe from Ethan, which I can't wait to display proudly in my new classroom.  The rest of the day followed with more snuggles, lots of movies, and more treats than a person should consume in one day-but shh, it's Mother's Day and those calories never count ;) 

The night before, I whipped up a batch of sunflower cupcakes to bring to our Mother's Day celebration at my in-laws house, but Mother Nature had other plans in mind, so they had to wait until the next weekend.

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