~75~Master Closet Redo

Apparently all of this cabin fever leads to lots of updates in our home.
This past weekend, we dedicated it to redoing our master bedroom closet.  
When we bought the house, this is what it looked it. 
(This is really my craft room closet-it has the same doors, but it slightly smaller than our master closet)

I knew right away that I wanted to replace the doors with bifold ones to maximize the space and make the middle of the closet accessible.  After doing some research online, we agreed on this set from home depot. 

We also knew that we didn't love the set up inside the closet and wanted to add some built-in shelving to make it more organized and easier to find what we wanted.  Our inspiration was this: 

Many of the closet systems that we initially found were outside of the budget we had set for ourselves.  Luckily on a random trip to Target, I noticed that their ClosetMaid items were all on clearance.  Score!  I picked up 2 floor organizers to put shoes on, since prior to the redo, they were chaotically strewn on the floor.  

I also purchased 2 stackable shelving units to center in the closet. 
A few dowels and shelves later, we were ready to put it all in. 

The first step was hammering the frame pieces on the inside of the arch.  Our closet was 58 1/4" wide, and the bifold doors are 60" wide when closed, so we needed to add almost 2 inches to make them fit.  
Next, we had to trim down one of the shoe shelves to make it fit along the bottom.  Once those were done, we installed the vertical shelves. 

Then, we added in the dowels, fitting them between the vertical shelves and the wall for the lower racks, and from wall to wall above the shelves for the upper rack. 

The last step was installing the doors!

We love the new look and efficiency of our closet.  Since we don't/can't have a walk in closet in this house, we figured this would be the next best thing.

Project Details: 
BiFold Doors: $44/ea
Shoe shelves: $20/ea 
Vertical Shelves: $20/ea
Dowels: $8
Shelves: $28
Total cost: $204

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