~44~Black Friday

I am not normally a Black Friday enthusiast.  If there's something that catches my eye, I will venture out, but never at the crack of dawn-usually more like around 9 or 10.  This year however was my first time braving the early morning "rush".  However, since Black Friday deals were starting Thursday evening, it really was after the rush.  Jake had to be at work at 6:15AM, so that he could leave early for the Iowa State game.  I decided to drive him to work and then head out to my stores of choice.  The first stop was Walmart (which I have loathing, firey hate for, but Jake wanted to go, so off we went).  The parking lot was DEAD and completely open.  It was very unexpected.  There was nothing too amazing there, just a couple movies.

After I dropped off Jake, I headed to my favorite store-Target, to see if by chance they still had their 32" TV for $147.  They of course did not, but I was pleasantly surprised to find another comparable and possibly even better TV for only a little more.  It's a 32" Westinghouse LED HDTV.  We got it to replace the TV in my craft room-which is a hand-me-down tube TV from the 80's and is so old, it only has 1 antenna input line.  In order to watch a DVD, I have to connect my VCR to the TV and the DVR to the VCR (Ha, that's a lot of letters/acronyms for one paragraph, isn't it?)  We're going to do a bit of a TV shuffle.  Currently we have a 42", and a 32" in our living room-for prime football watching, and a 26" in the bedroom. Now that we have the new TV, we're going to put the new 32" in the living room because it's an LED TV, making it slightly better than the LCD that's there now, put the old 32" in the bedroom, and the 26" from the bedroom into the craft room.  Our 2-year TV upgrade process is finally complete-all Tube TVs are gone!!
Goodbye old TV
Hello new TV!
 Aside from the TV, I was excited about their deal for a 6" pre-lit Christmas tree.  Normally, I am 100% for a real tree, but since we're currently living in an apartment, I have to settle for a fake tree.  I was worried that they'd be all sold out since it was a door buster deal, and  a pretty good price, so I was very pleasantly surprised that they had one for the taking. I already have it up and decorated-and it looks beautiful!

The last stop was JoAnn Fabrics.  They advertised an OttLite for $20 and they normally retail for $100, so I was happy to grab it while I could. I also got a new Cricut cartridge that I had contemplated getting a while back, but wasn't really sure if I would use it, but with them being so cheap today, I decided to finally get it.  It's the Everyday Paper Dolls.  Finally, i got some holiday ribbon for my Christmas cards and another craft that I have in mind, and materials for my Father-in-Law's Christmas present. 

All in all, I think it was a pretty productive day!
I have some Christmas related crafts that I'm already working on.  
Be on the look out for posts about those soon!

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