~52~New house = New Furniture

After buying the house and getting all of our ducks in a row, the first thing Jake and I started talking about was furniture.  While we have a lot of stuff (as evident by our never ending packing), we lack some nice, "grown up" pieces.  We have a good bed, an ok couch (which will be going to Jake's brother when we move), a recliner, and a love seat futon, but not enough to fill 4 bedrooms and 2 living rooms.  We started our shopping by browsing store deals and looking online.  Our first stop was a local store called Homemakers. They are definitely the largest and most popular in our area and notorious for having good deals. We found a lot that we liked, making a mental note-but didn't purchase anything on our first visit.  On a second trip, we went to American Furniture, but weren't impressed with their products or their much higher prices.  So, yesterday, we went back to Homemakers and took advantage of their 5% off everything sale paired with cheaper delivery and 10 months no interest financing.  After spending a good chunk of money, we feel so ready and excited to move in and set up our first home.  

Here's a break down of what we're doing in each room: 
*Front Living Room*
This will be used as a sitting room, but won't be our main living room.  We plan to put our newer tv stand in the same place as the red arm chair.  We liked their layout of the sofa and love seat and wanted to do the same thing.  We picked out a beautiful and very comfy cream colored couch on our first visit, but were dismayed to find out that someone bought it and they didn't have any left when we returned.  Luckily, they had the exact same sofa and love seat in a gray color.  I wasn't as thrilled with it at first, but I think it will be a good fit.  The walls will be painted a light sea blue/green, which I think will really accent/compliment the grey well.

We also got a beautiful coffee table and matching end table to tie everything together.

*Lower Living Room*

This will be our main living room, or den.  We plan to put a 55" tv over the fireplace and run the cords through the wall to the garage side and install a shelf to house our cable box and PS3.  There are some major changes I want to make to the look of the room.  First, we are painting the walls a beige color and staining the ledge under the window and on the fireplace a dark brown color.  The window trim and baseboards will be painted white.  We got a new 2 piece sectional along with a super comfortable leather chair, and a 2x2 storage ottoman.
There's really not a lot that we need to do with the kitchen.  There's no pantry, so I plan to buy a simple armoire and turn it into this inspiration pantry to put along the wall opposite the bar/long counter.

We also do not currently have a dining room table that we like or chairs to go with it, so we bought this table and 6 of the chairs:

The table is 5" at its smallest, and has 2 drop in leaves to make it a nice long table when we need it.  This is probably one of my favorite purchases that we made. Behind the table, we would like to take out the iron railing and replace it with a bookshelf or a wooden railing.
The final touch that we want to add is adding stones along the front of the bar using a product I found online called AirStone. 

*Master Bedroom*
We currently have only one bed.  When we move, this bed will go into the guest bedroom downstairs. Therefore, we needed a new bed for our room!  Jake and I tossed around the idea of upgrading to a king bed (from a queen), but decided that we really didn't need one.  We've done just fine on the queen one for the past 5 years, with a dog-I might add-so we feel ok staying with what we have.  Plus, we didn't want to take up more room in an already smallish master with a giant bed.  We found a great storage bed in black that was at a steal of a price (holy cow, bed frames are expensive!) and added on a really nice euro-pillow top mattress.  Unfortunately the frame won't be in until after we move, so we'll have to sleep either on the old bed, or on the box spring/mattress on the floor until we get it in. 
In terms of decorating, we are painting the walls a light grey color over their cream and lime green accent wall opposite where the bed is now. When we move in, the bed will go on the opposite wall of where they have it now, which is just way too anti-feng shui for my taste.  For our bed, I am in love with this duvet cover: 

*Main Bathroom*
I have SO many ideas for this bathroom.  First is to paint and get rid of the terrible mustard color.  Since there's blue tile around the shower, we need to keep it in a blue theme.  I love this color for the walls.
The vanity will be repainted black. As will the little wooden piece separating the toilet and vanity.  The most exciting project for this room is framing the mirror.  Currently, it's a standard glass mirror fixed to the wall.  I had never thought much of it until I saw them on Pinterest and knew that I wanted to do that to ours.  What a difference the look makes!

*Guest Bedroom 1*
This room used to house two little boys, hence the bunk beds and beautiful scenery on the walls.  This will be repainted eventually and turned into my craft room. (YAY!)  I plan to do 3 of the walls a really light yellow color and the 4th, a grey accent wall with pink stenciling.  I'm still not 100% set on the colors.  I'm not sure that I like how they all mesh together.  However, I WILL be using Valspar's paint crystals to add some glitter to the accent wall stencil!

There will plenty of posts to come as I put together my craft room-that will ONLY be my craft room! No more guest room/office/craft room combo.  I have yet to settle on any one idea because there are so many different options. 

*Guest Bedroom 2*
For the time being, this room will be an underused office.  We don't really have need for an office, but we also don't have need for an extra bedroom (sans bed), or a nursery (yet…)

*Guest Bedroom 3*
This room is in the basement and will be the official "Guest bedroom" because it is right next the 3/4 bath.  As you can see, it is painted grey.  We are going to keep it that color for now and paint just one of the walls purple.  Viking's purple to be exact.  The bed will go on the accent wall, and the room will serve as a Jake's Viking's shrine.

So there you have it, a pre-move in tour of our house.  I'm so anxious and excited to see how everything comes together.  I'm hoping that it comes out as good as, if not better than, what I'm envisioning in my head.

What updates did you do in your first home?
Until next time, 


  1. Loved reading your blog! My interior design taste keeps changing, one minute I love modern, next minute I've purchased traditional pine wardrobes! I'm not sure I'll ever make my mind up!

  2. Thanks Will! It's definitely a work in progress. I'm still determining what my interior design style is as well. I'm sure that it will continue to develop as we start to set up our home.

  3. Your furniture item choices are impressive, and you have a good taste for interior decorating too. Congratulations on your new home!


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